How To Keep Divers Away From Your Store Dumpster

If you are a business owner who runs a small convenience store or grocery store, then you need a dumpster to take care of your wastes. But if you currently have a dumpster and find that dumpster divers sift through your garbage on a regular basis, then you likely need to deal with the mess that is left behind. This can be extremely irritating. If you want to stop this from occurring, then consider the follow tips.

Rent A Compactor

If refuse is placed into bags or simply set in the dumpster, then garbage is easy to sift through. This provides easy access to food items and other types of garbage you throw out. One simple solution to this issue is to rent a garbage compactor instead of a regular dumpster. Trash compactors work by pressing the garbage down with the help of a metal plate. This squeezes the trash into a small space and makes it impossible for a dumpster diver to remove anything.

A compactor can also save you from having to schedule as many garbage pickups. A compactor can hold around 25 to 30 cubic yards of waste, but it will only take up the space of a common 6 cubic yard dumpster. If garbage needs to be picked up weekly, then you may be able to cut down collections to about once a month. Compacted garbage also takes up less space in landfills, releases less odors, and attracts fewer pests. 

A fully enclosed compactor dumpster that utilizes a one-part or a permanently attached unit is best for food garbage. This will help to reduce the chances of waste spilling out of the dumpster during a collection. But the entire compactor dumpster will need to be removed and replaced by your dumpster rental company so that wastes can be emptied out. Make sure you place the dumpster in an area where there is more than enough space for the removal and replacement to occur. Also, the compactor will need an electrical source to run the compactor blade. Keep this in mind when thinking about dumpster location as well.

Place Locks And Warnings

If your business does not produce enough waste to justify renting a compactor, then you may be able to keep dumpster divers away by simply investing in a more secure container. A dumpster with a front mounted locking system that allows for the placement of a padlock may be more than enough to keep divers away. If you decide to secure a lock, then make sure to invest in a secure padlock that leaves very little of the shackle exposed. This will help to prevent the padlock from being cut apart.

You also should place legal notices either on or near your dumpsters to inform dumpster divers that it is illegal for them to go through the dumpster. You will need to first make sure the dumpster is located on your business property. Make sure the dumpster is placed directly against your building or in the parking lot. While it is not illegal to go through garbage, this only applies to an area that is public. If the dumpster is placed on your property, then an individual can be arrested for trespassing if they go through the garbage. If a padlock is broken, then they may be charged with vandalism, and theft may be an issue as well if something is taken from the garbage. Draft up a legal notice or warning that indicates that the dumpster is on private property and that the diver is trespassing by trying to get into the garbage container. This may drive some people away by simply pointing out that they can get in legal trouble by accessing your dumpster. 

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